How do I get to the South Farm?Our coordinates: 51.474714, 3.541439 (address: Dishoekseweg 28, 4371 NH KOUDEKERKE). 

1. Take the A58 freeway towards Vlissingen

2. At the end of the highway, at the traffic lights go straight ahead.

3. After about 1 km turn right at the traffic circle, direction Koudekerke.

4. At the traffic lights go straight ahead.

5. Then turn left at the second traffic circle (no placeholder here).

6. At the end of the road turn right, you are now driving on old provincial road towards Koudekerke.

7. After more than 1 km, turn left; follow the signs towards Zuiderhoeve.

Or use the map below. Enter your departure location and you will get a "customized" route.


On the day of arrival, you are welcome from 1 p.m., please not earlier. This will give us the opportunity to make sure the pitches are tidy. We ask you to take this into account in your travel planning. Upon arrival, please report to the back of the farmhouse.

Upon arrival, our guests always have a free choice of available places. Therefore, we will never promise specific places. You can always choose at least 3 different places. This is possible because the Zuiderhoeve always keeps some places free.


Camping equipment placement

We ask you to respect the place markings. (double connection poles are always on the border of two places, single connection poles are in the middle of the place, furthermore, we sometimes use bushes or pollard willows to mark the border of your place)

Your camping equipment is supposed to be placed at a maximum distance of 1 meter from the vegetation and at least 1 meter away from adjacent pitches. If it is not clear to you where your pitch begins or ends please ask us before you set up so that you do not have to move again later.


You may possibly use sidewalk tiles, bricks etc. to set up your camping equipment stably. (at the shed)


Our terminal posts are equipped with a connection for your caravan's drain hose. We request that you use this and do not allow waste water to run under or behind your caravan.


We ask that you do not use plastic sheeting as a ground cover for an awning. Instead, use an air- and moisture-permeable ground cover such as tent carpet. 



Please make sure you have settled everything no later than the day before you leave to avoid standing in front of a closed door upon your departure. We are not always home and we prefer to keep our Sunday free.

On the day of departure you must leave your pitch "clean" no later than 11.30 am. (Free of pegs, sidewalk tiles, concrete blocks, etc.) If you have used decking, sidewalk tiles, brick or cable(s), please return them where they belong. If anything is damaged, please report it.

Directions, arrival and departure was last modified: December 10th, 2021 by Sjaak Aarnoutse