The Zuiderhoeve is surrounded by meadows and fields of grain, beets and potatoes. The farm is located behind the dunes near Dishoek, but also within cycling distance of the country towns of Middelburg and Vlissingen. So all amenities within reach, but not bothered by the hustle and bustle that often comes with that. The farm falls under Koudekerke, one of the village centers in the municipality of Veere. Koudekerke has a bakery and supermarkets.

Middelburg is the largest town in the area, you can store well or visit the market. Wandering through the historic city center you can imagine yourself in the Middle Ages, for example, take a walk through the Abbey Square. 

You can also climb the old abbey tower (the long John) there. In clear weather you can then see England and also Belgium. At the bottom of the Lange Jan is the Zeeuws Museum, very worthwhile. That goes for the entire center of Middelburg, by the way, with its centuries-old houses and winding streets. Vlissingen, a town with a very different character, is about seven kilometers away. There the seaside promenade is a real attraction (especially when the wind is strong!). In both cities you will find museums and theaters. In Vlissingen you can go to Cinecity for theater, catering and a large selection of films.

Sun, sea and beach
And then we would almost forget the beach and the sea, so inseparable are they connected with this peninsula of Zeeland. Wide white sandy beaches with beautiful dunes - except at Westkapelle, on the westernmost tip of Walcheren, where in 1944 the dunes were bombed by the Allies, to urge the German occupiers to leave. A sturdy dike now lies there. Through and over the dunes is a beautiful footpath, which by turns offers views of the sea and inland. On the beaches around the island are dozens of beach pavilions, where you can have a good bite to eat - inside or outside. The beach at Dishoek is closest to Boerderijcamping Zuiderhoeve, with beach pavilion Kaapduin. Oh yes: did you know that Koudekerke has, on average, the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands? You can find much more information about Koudekerke here.

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